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This company knows what they're doing. This will be my second doll. The first one I had didn't stand the test of time after 4 years of trying to maintain her. We'll see how long this one lasts, but I can already tell, it feels better. Certain things are totally designed better. For example, her head screws on. My other doll had a stem where you place the head on, not exactly leaving it securely on, especially after the years past and the TPE skin became worn and not as thick, making the head slide off with any easy movement. That's where you know you need a good skeleton structure in place when the skin does do that over the years. This head screws on, and feels like it has a solid skull in place, with the skin molded around it. I do notice that she is a bit squishy, meaning it feels like she lacks a good solid muscle structure underneath her skin, but that could be her body type. Initially, especially for the price, she's worth every dollar. I'll see how well she stands the test of time. At least this company has TPE glue readily available for purchase, so I won't have to search the internet for any, in case I do happen to need it later, I can fix the problem before it gets any worse, if a problem were to occur that would require some gluing. But yeah, anyone wanting to purchase a doll, I would direct them right to this site.
Michael Gonzalez 09/05/2018