JYdoll 135cm flat chest sex doll Adriana

JYdoll 135cm flat chest sex doll Adriana

Hi Alicia

JY Dolls, Adriana and you have EXCEEDED my expectations!!! Beautiful doll but also customer service pre-sale and during sale, Excellent communication skills in perfect English. You answered every question with detail and clarity.

I love everything about her and more!! Here is my general overview of how she arrived and spending a few days with her. At this time I can’t comment on long term durability from posing her for photos or from sex but as a general overview she’s AMAZING.

1. Well she arrived in Excellent almost Purrrfect condition 9 out of 10

2. OMG the TPE smell?!?!….Hmm…I guess JY Dolls forgot to send it. When I opened the box I didn’t know what to expect after much reading on TPE. Was she odorless, no, but I can tell you my JY Doll had NO chemical or offensive smell. She didn’t need to be left outside for a day or a week to air out, she didn’t need an immediate bath to scrub off any so called “toxic” odor.

She has a light fragrance almost fruity but it faded by the next day and is only noticeable if you really press your nose to her skin.

3. Her neck was a little bent upward and you could see a dent in the wood from the box being stood up on end. However, it doesn’t seem to affect the skeleton that I can tell as of today. The neck is stiff and noisy. This is apparently normal with the gooseneck neck pipe they use.

4. Body - overall looks amazing and doesn’t have a scratch, cut or nick on it. Her skin is soft but firm, it’s amazing and feels almost the same if not BETTER than my silicone Dolls.

Joints - are all nice and tight, nothing loose or flopping around. Right shoulder is a little bit stiffer than the others but manageable and I’m sure will loosen over time.

Seams…what seams? You have to look closely to see a seam line…very impressed! Even the seam next to her vagina and anus is blended nicely!

Boobs are amazing and small. Finally a larger doll with small boobs, great job!

Vagina - is amazing, very soft. (all orifices have a WONDERFUL texture inside)

Butt - is amazing and so squeezable it’s ridiculous.

Head/Face - is so adorable, cute and sexy all at the same time.

Eyelashes - are glued in place with cement LOL. FINALLY they’re not falling off right out of the box. Plus the added bonus of bottom lashes…her eyes just POP!

5. Finger nails - were all attached but had little chips in the tips but it doesn’t degrade the doll.

6. Feet = were in great shape. Toe nails all attached and look great. Standing feet bolts were all nicely centered with just a small cut next to 1 bolt nothing serious.

If someone has a foot fetish I would advise against the standing foot option as you can really feel the metal studs. Not my thing so I love her feet and the fact that she can stand up by herself is amazing.

7. Size - is listed at 135cm. I measured her flat footed standing up at 136cm. I might be off a bit on the tape but either way she’s spot on.

8. Weight - is listed at 57lbs. She doesn’t feel that heavy. I’m sure she’s close to that weight. Maybe it’s because I’m fit and work out, I don’t know but the weight is easy to manage.

Overall I’m very impressed with this doll and couldn’t be happier. She’ll make a wonderful addition to our family.

Thanks again Alicia!

I will be a return customer in the future.


John Charles, 11/11/2016
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