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JYdoll 135cm flat chest sex doll Adriana

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Hi Alicia

JY Dolls, Adriana and you have EXCEEDED my expectations!!! Beautiful doll but also customer service pre-sale and during sale, Excellent communication skills in perfect English. You answered every question with detail and clarity.

I love everything about her and more!! Here is my general overview of how she arrived and spending a few days with her. At this time I can’t comment on long term durability from posing her for photos or from sex but as a general overview she’s AMAZING.

1. Well she arrived in Excellent almost Purrrfect condition 9 out of 10

2. OMG the TPE smell?!?!….Hmm…I guess JY Dolls forgot to send it. When I opened the box I didn’t know what to expect after much reading on TPE. Was she odorless, no, but I can tell you my JY Doll had NO chemical or offensive smell. She didn’t need to be left outside for a day or a week to air out, she didn’t need an immediate bath to scrub off any so called “toxic” odor.

She has a light fragrance almost fruity but it faded by the next day and is only noticeable if you really press your nose to her skin.

3. Her neck was a little bent upward and you could see a dent in the wood from the box being stood up on end. However, it doesn’t seem to affect the skeleton that I can tell as of today. The neck is stiff and noisy. This is apparently normal with the gooseneck neck pipe they use.

4. Body - overall looks amazing and doesn’t have a scratch, cut or nick on it. Her skin is soft but firm, it’s amazing and feels almost the same if not BETTER than my silicone Dolls.

Joints - are all nice and tight, nothing loose or flopping around. Right shoulder is a little bit stiffer than the others but manageable and I’m sure will loosen over time.

Seams…what seams? You have to look closely to see a seam line…very impressed! Even the seam next to her vagina and anus is blended nicely!

Boobs are amazing and small. Finally a larger doll with small boobs, great job!

Vagina - is amazing, very soft. (all orifices have a WONDERFUL texture inside)

Butt - is amazing and so squeezable it’s ridiculous.

Head/Face - is so adorable, cute and sexy all at the same time.

Eyelashes - are glued in place with cement LOL. FINALLY they’re not falling off right out of the box. Plus the added bonus of bottom lashes…her eyes just POP!

5. Finger nails - were all attached but had little chips in the tips but it doesn’t degrade the doll.

6. Feet = were in great shape. Toe nails all attached and look great. Standing feet bolts were all nicely centered with just a small cut next to 1 bolt nothing serious.

If someone has a foot fetish I would advise against the standing foot option as you can really feel the metal studs. Not my thing so I love her feet and the fact that she can stand up by herself is amazing.

7. Size - is listed at 135cm. I measured her flat footed standing up at 136cm. I might be off a bit on the tape but either way she’s spot on.

8. Weight - is listed at 57lbs. She doesn’t feel that heavy. I’m sure she’s close to that weight. Maybe it’s because I’m fit and work out, I don’t know but the weight is easy to manage.

Overall I’m very impressed with this doll and couldn’t be happier. She’ll make a wonderful addition to our family.

Thanks again Alicia!

I will be a return customer in the future.

John Charles 11/11/2016