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This was my first doll I have ever had, I really took my time and searched around. I finely settled on jy-doll for my vender. The price was great and being Canadian with a crap dollar compared to the states jy made the most sense to me. I fell for Viola as soon as I saw her, I fired off a lot of questions and got very quick responses from the representatives. They had her made and shipped out in 5 days and another week for fedex. My taxes and import was only $110 Canadian. The day I got her was also the day all my amazon orders for Viola arrived, a few knee and thigh high socks,extra wig and underwear. Got her home and opened the box and was totally blown away on how sexy she was. Took me a bit to figure out the head attachment. Her eyes really look amazing and she was way better in person than the pic they send you before shipping. I could hardly find a seam line and there wasn’t much of a smell at all. The detail in and around the eyes are incredible. The skeleton feels very well done with a smooth stiffness to it. I really could go on and on about this doll. Thank you to jy-doll for providing people with an amazing affordable product.