I had some doubts of who sells the original jy-doll, and after doing some research on few evenings I found a reliable claim that this site is legit.

I got sellers from aliexpress & other similar websites claiming that they sell the original and that this site would sell me a cheap copy for high price. I found out that they were lying.
I am confident that this is the real deal.

I received my doll yesterday, after a few nights of emailing back and forth with jy-doll.com employee about the options and shipping and all the details.

Customer service has been great (really!) and they have been replying fast.

The doll is great, and looks just like in the pictures. (I chose skin color "pale" instead of the tan in the pictures)

I got few pictures of the doll before the shipment, and they did not do justice to the reality.
In person the doll is just beautiful. Really. 5/5. Stunning.

So in conclusion I can honestly recommend this company and their products!

PS: don't put dark clothes on your doll. And if you do, don't leave them on overnight. TPE stains easily. There are stain removal products (google "Indigo's stain removal") but they are not particularly cheap. I knew that and still did it. Please be more intelligent than I am :D

TPE will get rid of the stain by itself with time, but it's a lot faster if you do not stain it in the first place.

Other hints: Only use natural mineral oil for caring the doll. rub it in, let it dry, powder with cornstartch. Do NOT use alcoholes or any other chemicals if you do not know/understand 100% how they react with TPE. Stuff made for silicone dolls do not suit TPE, and TPE-products don't suit silicone.

Wash with mild soap or plain water only (keeping feet (if standing feet option) and neck sealed), let dry, oil with baby oil (mineral oil), powder with cornstratch after the oil has dried. That's it. Once a month should be a decent interval for the procedure.

One more thing: Use plain vaseline on the parts that have to stretch (elbows, groin, vagina, anal, knees, shoulders etc.) Use it instead of the baby oil in those parts. It will take a lot longer to dry, but it will keep the doll flexible and provide a long lifespan.

I know this review is shoddy, but it is late here, and english is not my native language.

Greets from Finland,

Anton Wictro, 09/23/2017
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